Sunday, September 26, 2010


Since I received some questions about me by mail, I decided to share some of the answers with all of you ..

Where do you live?
I live in a small town in Belgium, where the annual carnival still is a big issue (guess where, hint:
starts with an A). Since I'm still studying, I'm still living with my parents and two sisters for some time.

Can you describe your room?
It is quite small and almost entirely dominated by my closet and my book collection. I have purple-ish walls and a twin bed (yes, they do still make them! :p). I will post some pictures soon, since I'm not at home right now. (Update: the post is here)

How tall are you?
I measure 188cm  (74in), but I am quite lucky to still have a 'normal' European size 41 (US 10/ UK 8) in shoes.

Do you have a boyfriend?
I am currently (for the last 9 months and counting) without boyfriend. But accually I don't mind as much as I would have thought beforehand. I enjoy hanging out with my friends without accountability to anyone but myself (sounds a bit egocentric, and it accually is :p).

Do you have any pets?
My family has 3 cats (Nala, Joint and Roo), a rabbit (Konijn - 'Rabbit' in Dutch) and a guinea pig that my sister named Snoesje ('Sweetheart') but we all call him Postiche to tease her ('Postiche' means 'partial wig' in our dialect).

What do you do for a living?
Primarely, I'm a major Art and Theatre Sience student in Ghent. I am also modeling at a local art academy (not nude!), and I teach hiphop and contemporary dance.

Do you have hobbies beside shopping and blogging?
I have been dancing for 7 years now, and I couldn't imagine life without it. Through the years I danced hiphop, streetdance, contemporary dance, some basic classical ballet, breakdance and currently I'm learning African dance (which is a whole lot of fun, but very difficult). I also teach hiphop, contemporary and related styles myself. Other than dancing, I like to read and write (okay, maybe that includes blogging ;)), watch movies, go see theatre and dance-performances, listen to music and sing very of key in the shower. I also enjoy going out to town with friends and take embarrising pictures.

Where do you like to buy your clothes and how come you have so many?
I like to shop at secondhand and thrift stores. Since I'm a 'poor' student (haha) I find myself shopping at H&M more than I should (nevertheless, their great F/W collection really is the proverbial 'spoonful of sugar'). The stuffed closet is the result of me spending most of my money to clothes and hardly ever (and I really do mean hardly) throwing things away. I also try to find a new purpose for every garment I no longer use by DIY'ing anything I can get my hands on.

Can you show us your shoe collection?
I will take some pictures and show my shoe porn in an upcoming post ;) 
(Update: I still didn't came around to take pictures yet, but you have seen my fave's already here, here, here, here and here)

What are your fave trends this season?
Without a doubt the faux fur-madness has really got me, as well as the everything-you-can-think-of-in-leather-one. I also like that the over-the-knee-trend (boots and socks) finally came through for real. The ever increasing heel-hight and the breakthrough of the hat are some of the pro's of this season too, I think.

Why did you start blogging?
I actually did not have a real reason to start blogging in the first place. I just like to write and I LOVE fashion, so wanted to do something 'useful' with it. Some time ago I started to read blogs and discovered the fashion blog-phenomenon. I immediately got addicted. After a while I decided I could as well start my own blog to share my views on fashion and my own outfits (not to mention my fashion-cravings and other interests) with the ever-expanding (fashion) blog community.

How do you stay motivated to post?
I get inspired by looking at people on the streets, listening to music, the dance world, magazine pictures and so much more.When I shop I just get so much ideas by looking at the windows and the styling of the mannequins, that I simply need to share it with someone. In the pre-blog era, I just updated my friends via facebook, phonecalls and pictures, now I have this blog to keep them (and you!) tuned. Of course I love being surrounded by clothes, shoes and other fashion-thingies, and I enjoy to hear some feedback from you guys, so that is a huge motivator too.

If you want to know more about me (private or blog-wise), just let me know (comment on this post or email me on I also want to thank all of you for your attention and support, I'm really happy to be a (very small) part of your lives!


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