Tuesday, November 23, 2010

little monsters

They finally arrived!!

The first thing that crossed my mind when I opened the box was: "they are huge!", the second: "really huge", the thirth: "but I still love them!" ..

The moment I saw them I figured out the 'secret' of these babies comfortable'ness. With such a platform, the experience actually IS like walking on kitten heels, since the heel itself isn't higher then that of most of my other shoes. 

That being said, I leave you with 'some' images - you have to excuse me for the picture overload, I couldn't help myself, I'm waiting for these gems since October!

Shoes | Jeffrey Campbell Lita
Leopard shawl | h&m
Black leggings | Zara Basic

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  1. amazing shoes!!!! can't wait to see you wearing them!

  2. Lovely shoes:)

    Please follow:


  3. You are sooooooo lucky they are really fabulous great colour choice too enjoy xoxo

  4. oh wow im so jealous you got some litas! I really want a pair (i love the blue ones!) but unfortunately too poor at the moment :(

  5. OMG! Never mind the shoes, how beautiful is the box?! x

  6. i think i should consider getting myself one!! following u now, hope ull do the same



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