Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My 'queendom'

Here are some pictures of my room, as promised ..

I already told you guys, it is very small and totally dominated by books and textiles (in my closet as well as on the bed). I love warm colours and white - I'm also planning to paint the doors of my closet white in the near future.

Because my room is that small, it is very crowded - well, that and the fact I have lots of stuff and seldom throw things away ;) - as reflects the mirror-with-too-much-stuff ..

The handmade camel is a gift my mom brought me when she went to Egypt about a century ago (haha), it used to have bright red details, but the sun has faded them to a barely-there-pink'ish color (still, can't throw it away because I think it's so cute). The inflatable 22 was a joke of me and my mom when I turned 22 last January (I'm searching for a matching 3 already :p). The little dancer was a gift from my parents when I had my very first dance performance. I tend to use it as a juwellery stand every now and then, the jade heart necklace is a garage-sale-find I previously told you about here.


  1. waaauw fabulous style, maybe you can come help me out with my room because I just moved to a new flat and it's looking absolutely ridicilous haha :p


    hope you come visit/follow me!

  2. Thx for the sweet comment :) ..
    It's not that easy to create something nice out of a small room when you've got lots of stuff lying around. I prefer a little more 'zen', but for the time being I'm okay with cosy and crowded.

    I whish I had an entire appartement to decorate, but then, my time will come ;) ..
    Good luck with yours!



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