Saturday, November 13, 2010

sneak peek

Sorry for the bad picture quality. I had to make these in secret, as the shop assistant told me that "il est interdit de photographer dans le magazin" ("it is prohibited to photograph in the store", in French because that specific store was in Brussels). I mean, what does it matter, I was going to buy them anyway! They had some amazing shoes but - as told before - I couldn't make pictures of them, because that guy was keeping a close eye on me .. 

Anyhow, I love - or better 'LOVE' - my new shoes (I mean, they're leopardy'ish, yeey!!) .. And the best part (second best, right after the leopardy'ish-part) is that I got them for a mere €25 (do I have a nose for bargains or what?!)

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  1. Oh wow you got yourself a proper bargain they are stunning xoxo


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