Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What good would wings be, if we couldn’t feel the wind on our face

An update of my post earlier today .. I realise now I'm having too much black in my closet, I should buy more brights .. A new shopping necessity, excuses are so welcome right now :p ..

I am wearing: Booties (as seen here): shop in Brussels - Leather jacket: Zara Woman - Fedora hat: Veritas - Faux fur and suede vest: C&A - Lace bustier: unknown - Faux fur hat: random shop in Brussels

Photography by Elien Roelandt
Modeling by Eva Roelandt & Miss Oh'


  1. Sunning photos, you both look gorgeous! x


  2. Thx! :)
    We had so much fun that day .. Hope to do it again soon ..



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