Monday, September 13, 2010

I'd like to die with my boot(ie)s on

.. but not right now ;)

I have found the perfect transition booties. They are a variation on 'traditional' lace-ups with a military touch (or so I like to think about them), in a beautiful khaki-broun'ish color. Normally, I'm not that into brown, but for shoes like these I like to make an exception - they're not BROWN-brown anyway :p ..

itionally, I've did an unplanned DIY as well. Saturday, I was in a thrift store with a friend and I found this sweater/shirt/thing, really un-beautiful (I don't like the word ugly), but the fabric was so inspiring that I bought it anyway. Later that day I decided to make a short pencil skirt out of it. Since my sewing machine isn't that great with stretchy fabrics, I sewed it by hand, and wore it that same evening to go out to town. It was such an impulsive act that I totally forgot to take pictures of the proces, but I tried to reconstruct it for you.

I cut of the sleeves and sewed across the rounded lines to create the skirt-shape (inside out!!). Later on, I foulded the 'neckline' to create a waistband.


Come closer,
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