Friday, October 8, 2010

One stud at the time

Today I'll show you my own take on these jeffrey Campbell peeptoe wedges.

Ever since these babies came out, I loved the stud-design, but the price (about $170) stopped me to actually get them. I didn't realise at the time, I was very close to something quite similar. The black suede wedge boots I had lying around, seemed the perfect DIY-starting point for my own version of these Campbell beauties. I didn't stud the entire wedge heel, because of the serious amount of studs (and work!). Maybe I will rework them in a while, when (if!) I am tired of them as they are now.

So this is how they turned out, I hope you like them.

Enjoy your weekend!


First, I painted the wedge heel black with regular acrylic paint (they needed two coats)

After that, I put the round studs in the heel with a hammer

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  1. thats really cool!
    i may do that to my black wedges.. will make them look way more expensive!
    great blog! :)

  2. I thought so too .. I used regular round studs, and they hold really well so far. Good luck with them (and show me result when your finished ;))




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