Monday, September 27, 2010

My weekend in light and (water)color

Watercolor by André Van Schuylenbergh

Eva (birthday girl) is wearing a skirt, booties and blouse from random shops in Brussels and her grandfather's tie

I am wearing a H&M dress, Zara Woman jacket, H&M earrings, rings (H&M, streetmarket and Asos) and blanco platform pumps

Saturday, it was my best friend's birthday, so I figured I needed something new to wear (any excuses you haven't heared? :p). Actually it wasn't really like that. I just went to town to buy her a small present (the big one was a shimmer dress that had been hanging in my closet for a while now). Meanwhile, I was so lucky to find that very wanted, printed H&M dress (also seen here on Karen from Where Did U Get That) that had been sold out since eternity and - apparentely - came back in (I LOVE long sleeved mini's as much as they are rare). There was only one left, being lonely, so I did a little dance of joy and bought it right away - almost without trying it on, which would have been a first for me, almost, because I wanted too see how it looked that instant!(I think it lookes like I've been tattood or as if my bones are starting to show, love it :p)

 The day after I went to work (it's weird to call modelling in the art academy 'work' because I like to do it so much), so this is me in watercolor. When I went to my friends' house to help her with the big birthday dinner later that day, we chose her outfit together, and this is how it turned out (to go out she wore my gift, I'll try to get it on camera as soon as I see her again!).

I also received a little gift from another of my girlfriends that night (even though my birthday is still four months away). The little red angel is a handmade, glass pendant she brought me from Poland, where she is from. I really love how the light shines through the glass when I wear it - that, and the fact that it is so unique and beautiful of course ;) (Thanks Ania!) ..

I hope you guys had a great weekend and a lovely beginning of the week!


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