Monday, November 21, 2011

OUTFIT | skull sceptics

Backpack & jeans| Topshop
Striped jumper & belt | h&m
Random scull scarf
Nailpolish | Catrice
Rings | Asos & thrift

My neverending skull love has been frowned upon by friends and relatives many times. I can't help it, as in my opinion, skulls toughen up an outfit like no other print can. Leather, black, skull and stud just cannot go wrong, especially with skinnies (these high waisted Topshop Tall ones are amazing by the way!) and converses, rock chick forever ..

Introducing the backpack I showed you guys last week. I loved it too much to return it - and it sure is the best I've seen around in a long time - but the quality isn't what you would expect from a eighty pounds bag. Sure the leather is butterish and the design is spot on (inspired by Wangs 2010 Sydney backpack?), but there are threads everywhere (as you can see on the first picture) and almost every seam has frayed edges. I don't mind at all, just saying that for that price, I thought I would get a better quality product.

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  1. love it!!!

  2. Cool outfit!..

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!


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