Sunday, November 6, 2011

FINDS | leather backpack

Leather backpack | Topshop
All images by Topshop

After five days of Topshop international checkout troubles and the same amount of time filled with growing frustration and impatience, I finally managed to order this amazing leather backpack to replace my old - totally worn out - vintage one. Receiving this bag, will hopefully make it less hard to dispose of the old one, that accompanied me on so many trips and fun experiences. Either way, I will miss that thing ..

Along with the backpack, I ordered some skinny jeans from the Topshop 'Tall' departement. After years of searching for fitting, long denim, I decided to just give it a try. Let's hope for the best ..

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  1. thats a great new backpack! but you should definitely keep the old. it will always bring back the great memories, like your favourite stuffed animal :P

    xx Raez

  2. I love the shape of this back. I currently have a vintage leather one, I love it so much and haven't stopped wearing it since I got it earlier this year so I can see how you would have become attached to it.


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