Friday, November 4, 2011

MU | vampires have nothing on me

Self photography & self paint-o-graphy, seasoned with a little narcissism
or: what to do on cold dull days

Black turtle neck | Pimkie

The search for the perfect purple(-ish) lipstick still isn't closed, though I bought another shade of metallic pastel lilac the other day. This one is by Gosh and comes in a beautiful minimalistic matte black tube (Mac-inspired if you ask me). I am happy with it - probably will wear it on a daily basis - but still not entirely satisfied, as it does smells and tastes a bit cheap and isn't that much desired perfect color just yet.
If you know a brand that is available in Europe and sells lipstick in unusual colors - let's say, well, purple - please let me know.

Don't you think the lip ring (as a fang), metallic lips, my white skin and red hair all together make me look a bit like a vampire in these pics? It might just be post-Halloween blues though.

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  1. love your hair :D


    Have a great weekend

  2. beautifull pictures! wow! beautifull style!
    Nice blog!
    I invite you to see my blog, and if you like it, you could follow me! i 'll do the same!

    is fashion my Passion? the MiriamStella's Blog

  3. love your photos!


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