Sunday, October 24, 2010

Peter Pan-syndrome

Or," to never grow up" ..

That's how you could define my current state (of mind), although it wasn't my term to begin with (it was my dad who first named the Peter Pan-syndrome), I can really relate to it. What I love about kids is their sincerity, honesty, and their ability to see the best in everything and everyone, all characteristics I would love to honour forever. On the other hand, that doesn't mean I'm an irresponsible person that cannot take grown up decisions. A little contradictory, I know, but so true ;) ..

I named this post after our imaginary 'syndrome' (it's really a family thing), because the outfit I'm wearing in these pics kind of reminds me to this mythical role model of mine. That probably is because of the particular green'ish color the playsuit has, as wel as its playful loose fit and the tall brown boots I threw on with it.

Anyway, I like the outfit and its reference to my childhood hero-slash-current example.

Photo's by Eva

Playsuit | h&m
Cardigan | c&a
Leather jacket | Zara
Tights and overknees | street market
Boots | old
Juwellery | Twice as Nice, street market, random Bxl shops, Asos, Hema and h&m

PS: Sorry for the blurry night shots, I hate it's getting this dark sooner and sooner. Guess winter really started to overtake us. Stay warm!


  1. kei mooie outfit en toffe foto's!!! the blurry ones look arty ;)

  2. I sometimes feel like I have Peter Pan syndrome when I'm getting dressed! Who wants to grow old, being young is too much fun xx


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