Monday, September 6, 2010

Thank you's and garage sales

Hi lovelies!

I want to thank Lucy from Johnnie&June and Merissa from Fromage brie de la mer for their wonderful advises concerning my 'how to make pictures bigger?!'-post.

I tried photobucket but the pictures turned out too big (which has to be entirely my fault, but still ..), so the bigger pictures are the result of Merissa's html-adjustments.

I'm so happy it worked out well :), thx hunnies!

Since the weather was so beautiful yesterday (seems like we'll get a well diserved indian summer after all) - and I had to practise my drivers skills - I went to a huge garage sale in our neighbourhood. I bought two great bags, only 3 and 1.5 euro (the cheapest one is a Michael Kors, clear plastic bag, the other one an unbranded dark red handbag), and a cute heart chaped jade charm. I will show you pictures when I bought new batteries for my camera ;).

Enjoy the last of summer!


  1. great blog!

    Check out my blog & new photoshoots from the underground:


  2. Thx ;)
    I went to see yours and I'm really impressed by your latest photos. Love the styling!

    ps: I put you on my blogroll ;)


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