Tuesday, December 21, 2010

pyjamanized/ pyjamination

Silk pyjama-jacket | vintage/ thrifted
Black rouched, layered dress | h&m
Overknees | Hema
Headband | made by mom
Inca-like necklace | Didi
Random knotted belt
Boots | Jeffrey Campbell

I got a bit tired of these self pictures all the time, so I'm discovering new ways to showcase my outfits. I know I already did this kind of put-everything-on-the-ground-pictures before, but as I said, still discovering. I did try to get a bit of 'figure' in the silhouette by tying my belt around the unexisting waist of the unexisting person that could be wearing these existing (yes, for real) clothes - that would be me, I think .. The key word in this sentence clearly is 'TRY' ;) ..

Anyhow, ever since I picked up this pyjama jacket in my fave thrift store a few weeks ago, I wanted to do something with it. So here is that something - and I assume it will be something'ed a lot after this as well, as I love the rich whine colour, the pattern and the silky quality of the fabric.
I haven't wore this outfit out yet, since I have been at home all day, but planning on doing so tomorrow or the day after, when I will be on a very late Christmas-present-hunt, pairing it with my long fur coat (seen here).

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  1. I love this JC Shoes!!!!!!!! <3 the color is Divine!! <3


  2. LOVE the shoes!! They're SO fierce.


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