Monday, December 20, 2010

whitening winds

(All pictures by me)

Although everyone must be fed up with the snow by now (as I am as well, don't get me wrong), the snowy carpet always enchants my inner child. 

Yesterday I came back from a lazy sunday with some friends. I walked out the door, only to notice it had been snowing the entire day and there wasn't a single bus in the entire city. So I had no choice but to make the best of it (luckily I bought some snowproof footwear - talked about it here - a couple of weeks ago, knowing it would snow again, and I happend to wear those boots yesterday. Double luck .. shouldn't get used to that) and went on foot, something I would have never considered if it hadn't been snowing, as it is a very long walk. Because of the snow (up to 30 centimeters deep), it took me almost two hours to get home, but against all odds, it was quite enjoyable. 

Meanwhile I decided to spam the city with Miss Oh'-tags .. That inner child again :p

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  1. The third picture is amazing dear, it has a mistery mood I love! I wish we had a little of the snow you have there! we'd enjoy it so much

  2. Leuke én winterproof laarzen!


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