Wednesday, November 10, 2010

little pink riding hood

Have I ever told you I bought a cape for a mere €5 about two months ago? Well, here it is .. I love it's berry-like, pink'ish color, it adds a little spring to my - mostely black and grey - fall wardrobe. Since the cape isn't that warm (but hey, what did you expect for €5?) I added my faux fur collar, which matched with my brown boots.

It was raining all day yesterday, so inside photography was my only option .. Again .. ;)

ps: the little rattan harts are one of the fall/winter/Christmas purchases my mom and I already made, aren't they lovely?!

Pictures by my sister & me

Midi jumper dress | h&m
Cape | Random Bxl Shop
Faux fur collar | h&m
Boots | old, can't remember
Mittens | h&m
Juwellery | polish angel pendant (unseen)
Nails by Miss Oh' (I call them my swirl nail art-technique)

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