Sunday, August 29, 2010

Exams in style

Silk blouse: Zara, old - Skirt: thrifted €4 - Shoes: New Look €25 - Bag: Zara, old

Again sorry for these poor quality, self pictures .. This was my second exam outfit. And I like to believe it helped! In a week or two, I - hopefully - can call myself 'master in the art sciences' (how nice would that be).

As an early graduation-gift for my sister (who graduated high school) and me, our dad bought us a Nintendo Wii, we already had a lot of fun with it!

My sister and dad Wii'ing

I still have to work an entire week, and after that I finally have some vacation left to finish some DIY projects I am currently working on (which include a pair of wedge boots and a denim jacket). I also hope to be able to make a small trip to London or Paris to end the summer in style.

I'll keep you updated!



  1. Mooie outfit en leuk die felle kleuren van je pumps en nagellak erbij! x

  2. That blouse is pretty!

  3. @Curls: Dank je, ik hou van stylish basics met kleurrijke details (zoals nagellak) .. Jij hebt ook een serieuze nagellak-verslaving heb ik al gemerkt, mijn verzameling verbleekt instantly :p

    @Dylana: Thx, I have it three years already, most of my clothes don't last that long ;)


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