Saturday, November 6, 2010

A bird in hand is a certainty, but a bird in the bush may sing

I love, love, love these shorts! When I ran into them in - uhu - h&m last week, I couldn't help myself, they have this beautiful silky quality, and the soft, green-grey'ish color matches my eyes perfectly (every girl deserves to own a garment that does :p). In short (haha), I couldn't leave without them.

- The inevitable boots will be haunting my blog for weeks (or should I say months?!), so I suggest you like them asap :p ..

High waisted shorts | h&m
Otk-boots | small shop in Aalst
Knitted shrug with silk colar | h&m
Exaggerated shoulder shirt | h&m
Rings | Asos, h&m, street market
Bracelets | Twice as Nice & Lisbon boutique

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  1. Those shorts are soooo cute I totally love the print love how you styled them too xoxo

  2. absolutely love the shorts! so cute!!

  3. those are THE cutest shorts!

    - Maria

    as featured on Stardust&Sequins, and FashionChalet*

  4. hi, i just found your blog and i have to say it's spectacular! i love your style! check out my blog and if you like it follow, i'll do the same!
    thank you!


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