Sunday, September 5, 2010

Damsell in distress

This is (supposed to be) summer :)

Hi lovelies,

I'm currently (currently meaning two months!) trying to get my blogpics (though bad quality) bigger, like all you guys with great fashion/ visual blogs can. TEACH ME!
I really am a computer illiterate, so anyone who can explain it to me in terms I understand will be honored in my next post (yeeey :p) ..

Thanks already!


ps: a post about blogging is like a meta-blog post, so weird ..


  1. hello :) just came across your blog, its very cute.
    i usually upload my photos on then copy and paste the html code into my posts, that way you can choose what size you want on photobucket :)

  2. Hi,
    thx for your reply ;) I will try the photobucket-thing right away and let you know how it worked out.

  3. haha so so meta. i just go into edit html when you make a new post. find the "width: 293px ; height 234px;" and double the width value and delete the entire height value. "width : 600 ;" then find in the next line of code s400 and change it to s800.

    sorry if that is entirely unintellegable. i tried!


  4. ThnQ, this seems not too difficult, I even think I understand :p
    Gonna try at once!

  5. Hej kiddo ! Vanwaar heb jij die 'this is (supposed to be) summer! ? Jij pikkendief, geef maar toe ;) ! Ik ging in't engels typen daje't gepikt had, maar dan komt dat voor hun over van HUH die heeft iets gepikt ofwaaaaa, dus da wou'k nu ook ni doen :D

    Still reading your entire TOCH engelse blog ! :)

    Besos, x

    PS: Dorien dus :)

  6. Je hebt helemaal gelijk, credit voor die quote gaat volledig naar jou en jouw fb fotoalbum :p .. Btw, ze noemen dat niet 'pikken' maar 'laten inspireren' e x)
    Thx for reading ;)
    (en om originele albumtitels te bedenken :p)


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