Saturday, September 4, 2010

Some hardcore closet punishment

The first H&M dress that I'm already wearing (don't you love this tiny pixeled print?)

I'm in love with the kinky leopard lining and stitched details

A regular tank top upper ..

.. and a really loooong lower part (I love it, caus since I'm really tall it's soooo hard to find maxi dresses that are long enough)

DIY feather earrings - Catrice nailspolish (color: I sea you) - Ring: H&M old

Since my closet already let me down (as you could see here), I see no need to treat it kindly anymore. So I went shopping and I bought al kinds of heavy things to stash in there! Okay, I'm kidding, but I am that pissed off :p - but of course I did buy something (like two long - very cheap - H&M maxi dresses, a cropped semi leather jacket in a gorgeous camel-like colour, a C&A faux-fur waistcoat (I had a thing for 'x&x'-shops today), an eyeshadow brush - the old one dissapeared a while ago and is unheard of ever since - and some dvd's .. Anyhow, I had a blast ;)) ..

I also did a DIY, yesterday I made this feather earrings because I couldn't find anything like them in stores (most were too colorful and not big and full enough) .. As all handmade items they're not at all identical, so that's why I've posted a lot of pictures .. Hope you like them!


ps: I know that in some pics I look like I've got a big belly, luckily it is all due to the crappy camera and bad lighting :p
pps: Please don't mind the mess behind me, the only place that has a full size mirror in my dad's house is the laundry room ;)
ppps: (it's the last one, I promise) I know I look tired, I've been working hard and been sick these last couple of weeks, I'll be all shiny again in no time :p

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