Monday, October 3, 2011

TRAVEL | quelques impressions

What you are looking at (all photography by me)Colorful chairs in Montmartre, Le Sacre Coeur, Carrousel, fruit market, Centre Pompidou, Métropolitain entrance (Parisian subway) and street lights near Notre Dame, love locks on the Pont des Arts, different sights in Montmartre, stained glass in the Notre Dame Cathedral

I had a marvelous time in Paris. All of Western Europe enjoys an amazing indian summer at the moment and while we were wandering around the streets and monuments of this amazing capital, it seemed mid-June. The Mediterranean-like skies on the photo's above show no less. Three days definitely is way too short to experience this wonderful city to the fullest, still I'm glad I've been part of the buzz for a short while.

More pictures to come!

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  1. Oh dear! how much I enjoyed these pictures! I can tell you had a wonderful time in paris, such a marvelous city... I love the color chairs pictures! xx

  2. You are seriously making me wish that I was in Paris right now! Oh, how good would it be to see the Spring shows that are on right now too! Your photos are lovely and bring back fond memories for me. I think I'm looking forward to seeing more piccies! xx mandy

  3. Ohhh your photos are so lovely and bring back fond memories of my last trip to Paris! There would be so much energy in the air right now with the Spring shows on, I wish I was there! xx mandy

  4. These photos are so great! They make me want to travel. I love your blog - i could sit here all day scrolling.

  5. oh, those pics are amazing! makes me wanna go the instantly!


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