Sunday, October 16, 2011

NEW | lady in red

Images via Stockholm Streetstyle, Elle, Thischicksgotstyle & HonestlyWTF

Though I've always been a huge fan of red - not necessarily the bright as hell in your face red as portrayed in these pictures - I am a moderate user. I've always limited the obsession to one red dress, lipstick and nails. Still, I do like the all red outfits these ladies are rocking, but now with my hair as red as it is, I think I will have to keep laying low and use this wonderful color for 'accessorizing only'.

Yet, I am planning to buy red leather pants as soon as I get get my hands on them. Maybe I'm not as moderate when it comes to red after all ..

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  1. it reminds me that i have to buy one red dress

  2. I really really need to find burgundy coloured clothes!


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