Saturday, September 10, 2011

OUTFIT | my eyes are wide open and my soul is on fire

I've been to the hairdresser for a much needed fringe touch up yesterday, gave the stylist carte blanche and I'm very pleased with the result accually. It's kind of bold, yet feminine, so I have the feeling it fits me/ my personality quite a bit.

The dress is an h&m-relic (must be over four years old) that I've never worn as much as I would like. The huge flowers are very 'garden party' and it needs beautiful weather and heels (with my brown wedge sandals I finally purchased a pair that adds to the sweet and retro'ness of this dress) to look its best .. For one reason or another all these conditions are rarely fulfilled at once, so this is a dress you just can't wear often (also because once you've worn it, everyone remembers it for a long time). But tonight I'm hosting my own 'garden party' and the weather is lovely, so finally the dress will get its well deserved night out!

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  1. Gorgeous dress, very very chic! :)


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