Friday, August 19, 2011

OUTFIT | warrior nor poet

Dress | h&m
Crochet waistcoat | New Look

Nail | Catrice
Bangle | shop in Poland

Summer is very reluctant here in Belgium (as it has been for a while througout the entire European continent now), so bare legs always need to be compensated with long(er) sleeves. This is exactely what makes this h&m relic (face it, it's from three seasons ago, but I won't stop wearing it, EVER!) a much loved item in my wardrobe. I've always had a soft spot for long sleeved mini dresses, and I know a good one is hard to find, so I cherish this gem and its beautiful tribal-like print. I made it more summer proof by adding a fringed crochet waistcoat and neon orange nails.

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  1. I remember this dress I love the print and it is classic. Love the colour of your nails xoxo


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