Monday, August 1, 2011

TRAVEL | there’s a billion streets to walk down

Ph. by me

For all those who are following me on facebook: after several hours of planning and re-planning my on-the-road-wardrobe, I finally managed to close the damn thing (the fact that I needed to sit on it to accomplish that doesn't really matter, does it?) ..

In only a few hours I will be flying to Berlin, where I will stay for a good four days (the weather forecast is great by the way!). From Berlin I'm travelling to Poland and I won't be back 'till the 15th of August :)

So excited!!!

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  1. Sweetie, u did great :)) I ve believed in u hihi we ll have so much fun in Berlin and Poland!! Can't wait, but I'm kind of nervous as well, it s been 2 years ago I ve sat on an aeroplane!!! I'm flippin out hehhe
    LOve u MissOH :)) <3

    Animaniii :p

  2. Berlin? oh you lucky girl! I've been there once, it was splendid! enjoy yourself :D have a great vacation!


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