Sunday, August 21, 2011

MU | in the make up bag

h&m aztec pouch - catrice base coat and nail polish - vaseline lip treatment - catrice lip stain - maybelline collosal volume mascara - gosh kohl pencil in purple - gosh liquid liners in gold, silver and purple - covergirl powder finish foundation

With this post I want to share with you some products I'm very fond of.

Vaseline lip treatment, Covergirl foundation and Maybelline mascara are basics since - well - forever (I tend to need another mascara every two to three months, but I always use Maybelline, as I think their price and quality are both amazing). The Catrice polishes are also regulars in my beauty case, actually I rarely use other brands these days because Catrice provides a very wide range of colors, while you often only need one layer for proper coverage and they are just cheap as hell.

Other products, like Catrice lip stain and Gosh liquid liners are more recent discoveries. I can strongely recomment these liners to you, as they are really great and VERY waterproof (the modest statement on the packaging is right about that) and they come in about a zillion wonderful colors. The only downside is the brush that's inside the product, it is too long, too thin and too bendable, so my advise is to always use a proper liner brush to get a satisfying result.

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  1. great post! that orange nail polish looks amazing!

    xx Raez

  2. Hey !
    I'm loving your nail polishes.
    I have that same mascara, it's my favorite



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