Wednesday, January 19, 2011

guts is what I need now

Military jacket | Vero Moda
Leather shorts | Very Vero Moda via Asos
Random jumper and tights
Belt | h&m
Leather mini backpack | thrift
Rings | Asos & one dollar store
Necklace | My Name Necklace

Having red hair makes a huge difference - at least it does fashion-wise. I'm rediscovering items that never really were favourites, but work especially well on me now - like this green military jacket. Of course I knew red hair looks great paired with (olive) green , as well as with kobalt blue, some shades of purple and - unexpectedly - red (which I am thrilled about, since red never worked for me before :)). I'm so excited, going through my wardrobe and see so many new opportunities. Def should wear more color, since too much black makes me goth now, which is not exactly a problem, but not what I am looking for on a daily basis.

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  1. love the jacket:)x

  2. the leather shorts are gorgeous! And green looks good with your hair ;)


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