Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Busy girl does quick post

Hi lovelies!!

Just to say I will be a bad blogger for the rest of the week. I have sooo much get togethers with family and friends these days, I can't even remember when I was supposed to meet who and what we'll be doing (which is actually not uncommon for me and my leaking brain). It's really very hectic, but most of all VERY fun :) ..

But every down has an up, and mine is that I will be having lots and lots to talk about when I'm 'back'.

Before I leave you, I just need to tell you one terrible shoe-story I need to get off my chest. As I complained about earlier (I'm just realizing I might have talked about it too much already :p), I cannot seem to find the perfect pair of over the knee/ thigh high boots - and I'm looking for over a year and a half now! Yesterday, during a short shopping trip with my mom, I found them in New Look. As you can imagine, the price was very reasonable too, so I was so excited, to say the least. I wanted to try them on, when I saw there was only one shoe in size 41 (UK 8, US 10), and one in size 40! Someone bought a mixed pair of MY overknee beauties and stole my dream with it (okay, I might be exaggerating here, but that was how I felt at the moment - and sure as hell the shop assistant noticed that, when I asked him to check the warehouse over and over again). Anyhow, I'm still pretty angry with the - anonymous - person who took 'my' left boot. Even more so because I went to my personal shoe walhalla - 'Brusselicious' Rue de Brabant - today and they didn't have ANY over the knee boots that were over MY knee boots (being 188cm tall, my knees are higher than average ones) ..
Frustrated yet? Well, I am ;)

So tomorrow, I will continue the search, with all determination and willpower a girl has left after a more than one year search for not just any boots, but the perfect over HER knee boots ..

Wish me luck ..


Image source: google images
(left to right: unknown, Christian Louboutin, Stella McCartney)

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