Sunday, January 9, 2011

waste your weekend!

Lace dress | h&m; Waterfall cardi | Asos; Boots | Jeffrey Campbell; Random tights and overknees; Lace collar/ necklace | Six (seen here); 
Name necklace | My Name NecklaceRings | Asos, one dollar shop and streetmarket; Faux fur waistcoat (on the ground) | thrift; Leo scarf (on the ground) | h&m

Since I welcomed the new year with some friends, I hadn't celebrated with family yet. Yesterday we made up for that  in a late New Year get together. This is what I was wearing ..

Now I  need to work on my thesis once again, as it has to be finished tomorrow, I'm so excited it's almost over, and not a minute to soon if you ask me. I hope to finish it before dusk, wish me luck! ;)

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  1. love the post<3 :) xxx

  2. love all of this!!! great blog!! xx

  3. Hello beautiful! I'm amazed by your nails, did you do them??? the dress is fab too, I'm looking for the perfect lace dress now!

  4. I love your nails in this! Very creative! Also, I think this is one of the few times I've sene someone make the Litas actually look feminine and nice!


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