Thursday, November 25, 2010

robin (in the) hood

Yesterday, I took my Lita's out for a walk. Promises of comfortable'ness weren't in vain, and I ended up with no sore feet at all after four entire hours in them - of which I was walking 40% - and I love it! They do need some getting used too, as the platform is that high and you really cannot feel the ground at all, but once you  get the hang of it, they are quite enjoyable.

Anyway, I paired them with my 'Peter-Pan-playsuit' (see this post) - that one way or another became a 'Robin-Hood-playsuit' in my mind yesterday (I always mixed those two up when I was a kid, it must be the green outfit).

I can think of tonss of outfits with the Lita's - that's what you get when waiting for an item takes a month, I go in overdrive - so prepare for some serious Lita-overload ;)


 Playsuit | h&m
Cardi | old c&a
Hat | Veritas
Shoes | Jeaffrey Campbell Lita
Feather earrings | DIY
Rings | h&m, Asos, street market, gift
Bangles | street market, Oxfam, Vintage, DIY
Nails by Miss Oh'

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  1. Awesome outfit!
    LOVE your shoes.

  2. I'm crazy for my pair of Litas!! No available in my size! I'm going to die!!!!
    I'm green of envy!

    Thanks for comment honey!
    I think the shipping from Yesstyle is about 20$, I'm not sure...


  3. Cute!
    I love the hat matches with the boots!
    I am looking for similar boots.
    Fashionable but comfortable...this is not an easy mix to find.
    If you like we can follow each other

  4. Love them so much they look awesome with your playsuit :))) xoxo

  5. Loving the hat and rings!

  6. stunning pictures



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