Thursday, December 23, 2010

feeling blue

Oversized jumper | h&m
Leggings | Zara
Overknees | street market
Faux fur | h&m
Nails by Miss Oh' (click here for more)

I brought this lovely striped jumper back from h&m the other day, and I have worn it too much since - the weather was cooperating of course (many of you will remember my complains about the never melting snow - here and here). It's very coasy and warm, and the dipped hem on the back keeps my ass out of plain sight (a must when wearing leggings I think). And then there is, of course, the color .. I love how the dark and cobalt blue fade into the neutral stripes.

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  1. Gorgeous piece of knit love how it matches your nails which look fabulous btw xoxo


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