Wednesday, August 25, 2010

One down, one to go

I currently sleep in these heels, don't you think they're gorgeous? The thrifted bag is a close second fav.

Today I had to do the first of my two summer exams (history of narrative film), so I decided to dress up a bit and wear one of my new charity-shop-skirts. I wanted to show you guys but I was home alone, so I did some oldschool mirror-self-photography (oh vanity!) ;)

Since the weather kept changing all the time and I didn't want to risk to freeze my ass off while taking my exam, I put on my trusted old skinnies before I left home, ruining the entire outfit .. Belgian summers aren't what they used to be (think: pouring rain and temperatures that hardly reach 20°C most of the time)

Ps. the exam went okay, not 'waaw' but I think I should pass (but then, who doesn't like to think that :p).

Skirt: charity shop €2.50
I*NY tee: Pimky old
Grey belt: vintage
Leather jacket: Zara old
Knee highs: Hema old
Black cutout booties: New Look €20
Leather bag; charity shop €4

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