Monday, August 23, 2010

Barbie skirted hard working woman

High waisted, barbie'ish pink skirt: €4 - Morgan de toi winter skirt: €2.50 - Italian leather bag: €4

Guess you could say I've been lazy these days, but you'd be wrong .. Seems like I'm not used to work and study and blog, all in one day. My bad .. I'll try to come up with some really nice posts when I finished studying, to make it up to you guys.

I decided to start writing in English 'solo' again, caus I tend to write longer posts and I hate translating them every time, plus, it is very time consuming as well so when I stop doing that, I might be able to post some more - fingers crossed.

Yesterday I found the most exciting job opening on the internet, they are looking for an assistent producer for an advertising and video-clip-making (no idea how to call it) company called Pimpz (how cool is that!). If I get the job (which I really REALLY hope) I will be making callsheets, be part of castings (for advertisements, clips, fotoshoots and film) and help location hunting for shoots, in other words, be part of the entire production! I am sooo excited and I hope hope HOPE I get selected to go talk to my soon to be employers - hey, a girl can dream! ;)

Today I had to go to the library to hand in the books I used for my thesis (remember that pile of books?). Doing so, I visited the nearby recycle store and got some great skirts, a beautiful silk top and a genuine Italian leather bag. Anddd, I only spent €23 on all (!) of these items!! I really needed to do some shopping to get my mind of working and studying all the time (it's a far harder combo than I previously thought!) .. I'll show my purchases when I've put some outfits together, but on top are some of them to start with ;)

Since I've got an exam the day after tomorrow (and I have to work a full day tomorrow) I should really get 'back to the books'. I'll make sure the next post will be sooner than they tend to be these days ..

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