Thursday, July 15, 2010

If only I could choose

ASOS HEARTTOHEART Crossover front sandal

Alexis Mabille pour La Redoute

La Redoute Création

ASOS HALLE Denim Strapped Sandals

La Redoute peeptoe booties

ASOS TERRIFIC Lace up shoeboot

ASOS TATE Lace up peeptoe shoeboot

The shopaholic-virus has struck again .. How can I EVER choose between these beauties? - I already selected them out of at least ten more only slightly less terrific ones (at ASOS they sure know how to name shoes, by the way), so I'm already kinda proud.

After the final selection I only want to buy one pair of sandals - okay maybe two (noooo!) - and one pair of shoeboots - definetely not more than one! - so I got some MAJOR thinking to do. If you want to keep me from buying one pair or try to talk me into buying another, please tell me, 'caus I'm starting to fill in the saying 'damsell in distress' in a slightely different way ..

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