Sunday, October 30, 2011

OUTFIT | triple burgundy

Dress with matching belt | very old h&m
Tights | WE
Boots | JC Lita
Random longsleeve
DIY collar (some days ago)

As the hair is getting more pink'ish with every wash, I decided tot pair it with burgundy (everyones favourite lately, but I can imagine why) while it's still red enough to match. I love how the (ancient!) dress and tights are the exact same color (pure luck really), the pictures have a will of their own though, so you shall have to trust me in this.

Thx everyone for the love you're showing the hair, I tried a lot of products before I got this perfect shade of red. This color is a mix of Special Effects (a punk brand of unnatural color hair dye) Cherry Bomb and Blood Red, on a faded base of L'Oréals Red scarlet. For those who want to recreate the look, be prepared for red everything (the color bleeds like hell!) and a lot of attention from almost eeryone. Good Luck ..

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  1. love your outfit the colours are stunning on you. Your hair colour is beautiful really suits doll xoxo

  2. Hi dear! sorry for the absence, this weeks have been crazy... great idea that of combining your hair color with your outfit, if I had the guts to change mine I would definitely go for soft pink and would pair with purples. burgundy looks great on you! xx

  3. Love burgundy and litas!!!!!!!!

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  4. im loving the burgundy colour!


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