Monday, February 7, 2011

girl in the patterned pyjamas

 Vintage pyjama jacket
Shorts | h&m
Belt | local thrift store
Random black longsleeve

Who isn't looking for an excuse to wander around in pyjamas all day? As often, the answer is "vintage please"! :p .. So I spent my saturday in PJ's, well, sort off .. Becouse pyjamas and 'accessorizing' are two opposites for me, I just didn't wear ANY juwellery, except for my almost invisible name necklace (don't you just love how minimalistic it is?!). I kept my hair out of my face with a messy updo for the same reasons .. This outfit is so comfortable I could litterally sleep in it, so I needed to finish it of with the Lita's (no picture this time, as I figured out you ALL know what they look like by now :p), known to many as 'sneakers on heels' ..

Hope you all had a great start of the week ;)

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  1. Such a creative outfit and that PJ top is awesome love the print and such a fun way to it xoxo


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