Friday, November 19, 2010


My yesterday outfit .. That faux fur collar again, it seems to be the only thing that can keep me warm these days, since it's getting real chilly lately. The thrifted bejewelled bag (first seen here) makes everything paired with it look more expensive, and I love it!

Went to my (amazing!) dance class and chilled with some friends afterwards.
We filmed our choreography and if it worked out fine, I'll post the vid later on.

Maxi dress | h&m Divided
Puff shoulder jumper | Vero Moda
Leather jacket | Zara Woman
Sequened vest | h&m F/W 2009
Faux fur collar | h&m
Bag | thrift
Rings | Asos, h&m, street market, small Bxl shops
Shoes | DIY (explained here)

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  1. love the faux fur collar! cant believe its jsut from H&M I'm gonna have to get one! :)

  2. Great fur collar and a gorgeous outfit I love that big square ring too xoxo

  3. loving your bag and ring! and cute blog:)))

  4. That jacket is amazing!!
    xoxo, Angie.


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