Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thrifted treasures

Since I discovered the secret behind real treasure hunting - and finding - in thriftstores (passing by really often), I try to live up to that rule and step by as much as I can. Of course you can't prosper everytime and my finds aren't always worth blogging, but yesterday I felt kind of lucky, coming home with these beauties.

Especially the small velvet bag I found, made me really happy. Its pearl-and-gold details litterally scream 'vintage'! Anyhow, it had my name all over it, so I had to buy it (not that something would've stopped me, five euros really is a bargain!). Besides the bag, I also came home with some furred leather gloves (real leather - faux fur, best of two worlds), two hats and an off white silky touch kimono. All in all, a very satisfactory catch ..

Have you guys ever discovered a true treasure in a thrift/ vintage store? I'm really curious to hear about your thrift experiences ..

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