Monday, November 22, 2010

all winter'ish and stuff

As I expected to get my JC Lita's today I didn't prepare a post, since I wanted to do something with them. But then they aren't with me yet, so I hope to recieve them tomorrow - so excited!! I'm waiting for them since this post back in October and I can't be patient any longer!

Today being what it is, I leave you with some quick (and not that great, I should admit) pictures of my todays grocery-shopping outfit. I only had one requirement: it had to be warm, since it's almost freezing outside and I went by bike. To achieve that, I wore a pair of tights under my black leggings and three layers of longsleeves under the jumper dress, it did the trick, I wasn't cold at all :). (To be able to go outside, I also threw on a white chunky knit cardi and my long leather gloves - the reason why I'm not wearing rings today - with it, it is actually that cold here!)

Jumper | WE (old)
Over the knee boots | random shop in Aalst
Turban/headband | DIY
Random black leggings and longsleeves
Nails by Miss Oh' (more here)

Ps: this is my 100thst post on Blog by Miss Oh', can't believe how fast things go :)

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  1. om gosh you are getting a pair of JC litas I so want a pair cant wait to see them they are such a fabulous boot. LOve you outfit in this post gorgeous knit xoxo

  2. I know! I'm over excited, hope I like them as much in person as I do on pictures. Hope I'll have them tomorrow so I can show them to you guys (can't wait to experience for myself how comfortable they are :))



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