Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What happened to my closet

Part of the collapsed closet :(

The dress has a long front opening (chest to ankle) which makes it the perfect item for layering over a shorter dress, I love it!

It had to happen someday, to be precise, today. My closet gave up under the massive weight of at least three seasons of fashion. My mom says I have too much clothes, I argued my closet is just too small (and - as demonstrated today - too fragile :p) .. That we will never agree on that subject, couldn't be more obvious after today.

Luckily, it wasn't all drama today. I scored a long dress-tunic-something (great for layering) in my local thrift store, as well as a hat I really looove - people should wear more hats (as I argued here before). The world would a more interesting place, fashion-wise, that is ..

Dress: thrift €6
Hat: thrift €5

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