Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mission accomplished

Hi lovelies!

I would have hugged the postman, but sadly, it was my dad who accepted my package from the other day. But that little dissappointment doesn't make me less happy with its arrival, and opening the package really felt like christmas-in-September. I used the last summer sales online to finally get my frill sandals - which I'll have to store till next spring/summer, I'm afraid (unless I win the lottery and fly to, say, Barbados) and some juwellery I craved since July (some seen here). Needless to say I'm excited!
Nailpolish: Catrice 'From Dusk Till Down' (n°200)

Next I want to thank al my readers for visiting my blog. Thanks to you, I passed the 1000 readers-line and I'm really happy and grateful for that. So thank you, I hope I keep living up to your expectations, and you'll stay with me during my everyday experiences and discoveries (fashion-wise as well as life-related).

Have a great weekend!!


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