Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Just dreaming

Lately I'm writing my thesis (graduation paper) - that should be ready in two weeks, counting at least 100 pages. Quite a deadline it would seem, even for an award winning deadline-surfer such as myself .. Still, the summer got to me and - while everyone is inviting me to do whatever, since everything is so much more fun during summertime - I'm having some trouble with staying at home and working on this paper. The first part of that task - staying home - has been an unparallelled succes today - since the weather isn't too great -, whereas the second requirement - actually working - has shown to be a bigger challenge ..

Several hours ago, I got inevitably lost in the internet-maze as I saw these absolute wanna-have accessories on the topshop webshop. As you can see I'm kinda into statement juwellery lately. At least these provide some dreams to keep me warm at night ..
Join me:

The famous dreamcatcher earrings .. Althought hey're so popular they are sold out all the time, I do like them a lot.

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