Friday, April 8, 2011

dream while wide awake

Blazer and Moroccon style tunic | Zara Woman
Jeans | New Look Tall
Tie worn as obi belt | thrift
Bag | local Indian store
Shawl worn as bag charm | thrift
Platform pumps | New Look
Jewellery | Didi, Asos, Indian store, thrift

Here I am again with a sunny (chilly) spring proof outfit post! Wore this to work and a short window shopping session. The shoes didn't like that last idea (at least my feet objected), but I like them to much to put them aside. 
As happy I am with sunny days like this, I do hate to 'break in' my last year summer'ish pumps and sandals again, a guarantee for blisters everytime .. But hey, I won't complain, looooove the sun :)

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