Monday, April 18, 2011

bbq chic

Cropped tee & maxi dress | h+m
Shoes | New Look
Straw bag | thrift
Bangles & headband| Hema
Nails by Miss Oh'

Yesterday has been a beautiful day, very sunny but still a bit chilly. We had a BBQ (of course I ditched the shoes on the lawn) so I decided to wear this maxi with my new cropped h+m top - I love the silky insert in the front panel of the tee. I had a wonderful afternoon/evening ..

What I like the most here, is the nude - black combo, I guess I will be wearing that one a lot, I apologize already :p .. The straw bag is one of my SS essentials, I bought it two years ago in a small charity shop, and I'm still amazed by its versatility.

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  1. you have beautiful eyes :)

  2. Love the headband it looks great on you!

  3. Thx for your sweet comments girls! Means a lot :)
    About the eyes: I'm hearing that a lot, beautiful eyes, and if they weren't that nearsighted, I would probably love them too :p



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