Saturday, December 4, 2010

leo ♥ lita

Everything h&m except:
Boots | JC Lita's
Accessories | Asos, street market, vintage

As you can imagine, I switched shoes when I entered the snowy fields our garden and lawn turned into these last couple of days. I don't own a pair of moonboots or wathever those monsters (face it, they're f'ing ugly!) may be called, but I have some great flat (there's no escape, heels are too dangereous right now, how much I regret it, they are) booties I only wear in times like these ;) ..

I'm not sure wether or not we'll go clubbing tonight, since I have no idea what to wear. If I had a driver, I wouldn't bother wearing anything else but killer heels and a lovely mini dress, but since I have to go by public transport, I seriously doubt I wouldn't freeze to death ..

Anyway, I think I might go to the movies and grab a drink in my favourite pub, with some trusted jeans, furry coat and the flat booties.

Hope you guys have a great weekend!

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  1. Super cute outfit! I love your Litas! :-)


  2. love the leopard print! and going to a movie then the pub sounnds like a lovely evening! :)

  3. Great outfit! looks great!

  4. loving the leopard darling x

  5. Wow the litas... I think they are the star-item this season, and though I totally love my brown litas I think I should have waited more and get the beige ones


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