Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Paisly printed

Since yesterday was an official lazy day (with matching lazyday-homewear), I leave you with my today outfit. I have to model in the academy tonight, and I know they like me to wear more colorful outfits, as they are more fun to draw and paint. That specific wish is a hard one for me to fulfill, as I wear lots of blacks and greys (and neutrals like peachy colors and off-whites in summertime). This outfit is my answer on this recurrent dilemma, as it adds a little splash of color and print to my normal black'ish hue.

The pictures are Oh'-style again, and as long as I keep cheating on technology (a new camera) with fashion, I'm afraid not much will change these next couple of months. I hope you guys can look through this 'creative' (humhum) approach and keep reading my stuff ;).


Skirt | Massimo Dutti (old)
Tee | h&m
Cardigan | c&a
Belt | thrift
Overknees | Hema
Juwellery | Asos, h&m, street market, vintage, Hema
Headwrap | Random Bxl shop

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  1. love the outfit girl! you look so much like blake lively in the third pic (not sure if i've said this before already!)

  2. I have had the same comment a few times already (but not from you, don't worry :p). Even had someone stopping me at the street to tell me I looked just like her. I only hoped it was true, cuz she's sooo lovely! :)




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