Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mostly holes

Lace slip dress | vintage
Black over the knee socks | street market
Deco butterflies (seen here)
Rings | Asos, h&m, street market

Remember that paper bag I told you about here? This is what was in there, a vintage lace slip dress .. I styled it in two ways, distinguishing a bedroom and an outdoor styling.

In the 'bedroom' version I wore it with a soft taupe'ish-purple bodysuit (I dance, so I always have some of these lying around), messy hair and black overknees (I would've loved this look with cremecolored hold ups as wel, but I haven't found beautiful ones yet).
For the outdoor look, I wore some black 80 denier tights and a black top with sequined neckline underneath, combined with a longline cardigan. I forgot to photograph the black platform pumps I wore with this outfit, but I will make sure I'll do a post with them soon.

Hope you love this 'styled in two ways' vintage lace dress, and see you soon!

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  1. one of my sweetest n sexiest babies!!!! :)))always!!!


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