Friday, October 29, 2010

A leopard cannot change his spots

Leather skinnies | h&m
Silk blouse | Zara Woman
Long hooded vest | old and don't remember where I got it
Shoes | Random shop
Headband/ turban | DIY
Leopard backpack | thrift and DIY
Juwellery | Asos, Twice as Nice, h&m, street market, embellished belt wore as necklace

These leather pants again, I might never take them off .. 
I wore them with one of my fave silk blouses, a selfmade turban/ headband and my thrifted and DIY'ed leopard bag (it used to be a kid's backpack, I cut the cheap looking straps and added a silk snakeskin-print scarf to replace it). Also, don't you LOVE these shoes?! I could sleep in them (if they weren't so damn uncomfortable :p), I already loved the black suede and satin heel as soon as I saw them, but the red sole nearly killed me - that's why I couldn't care less about the comfort ;) ..

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  1. fabulous post - thanks for sharing xxx

  2. I love those to H&M tomorrow to get me a pair Smoking hot!

  3. I know, they're lovely :) .. The quality isn't too great though, mine ripped after wearing them 3 times, I repaired them, but I'm still a little dissapointed .. On the other hand, they were only 29 euros ..

  4. wauw!! This is a very great outfit!! Love the ring and the turban :)

    great blog!!


    thank you very much for the sweet comment, hope you are following:)

  5. Thx for all the sweet comments ..
    @ Emilie: You're in my blogroll girl ;)


  6. Love this outfit you look awesome totally love your style xoxo


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