Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The day of the resurrected closet

This is what happens when I ask my sister to take my picture :p

Dress: H&M - Jacket: H&M - Earrings: H&M - Silver 'peace' bracelet (not seen): Twice as nice -
Tall boots (not seen): old (as in, can't remember)

THE hat, paired with some random homewear

Yesterday, I went shopping (again) with my sister, and I finally found my wide brim fedora hat, not in grey, but in a beautiful beige color. I'm in love with it and can see me wearing it with tons of outfits, so you will certainly see more of it soon.

Today I had my closet restored (finally, as well). Untill now, my precious textiles were lying around homeless and I was happy to show them their new and improved home. I took advantage of the situation by sorting out my closet and make my local salvation army really happy with my 'leftovers'; especially trousers and jeans. I'm really bad at choosing them - also because of my waaaay too long legs - so I regulary end up with that 'not entirely perfect' pair, which I never wear after the first time I felt bad in them (you can't cut them all to shorts, can you ;)) ..

I had planned to go to Brussels later today, but since my sore throat evolved to real illness (again, I really should see a doctor some time) I guess I will spent the day behind my trusted computer and watch some movies ..

We'll catch up when I feel human again ;)


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