Thursday, September 9, 2010

Beauty buys part two

Sinful colors: aqua (I love the beautiful turquoise color)

Hi sweeties,

If it goes on like this I will get to show you all of my beauty buys by christmas :p .. I only have a picture of - another - nailpolish I bought, and since I'm too ill to come out of my bed and take more pictures of my other beauty stuff, that's basically all I can post today.

I'm really sorry, but I promise to make it up to you when I'm all polished (nailpolished? :p) an shiny again!

This polish is my first Sinful Colors buy, and I'm really excited to finally have found a store nearby where they sell this brand.
They have nearly as many shades and colors as China Glaze, and both brands offer great quality, but the first one is less expensive. I'll definitely buy some more of their wonderful polishes in the future.


ps: I missed out on a really cosy get together 'slash' dinner with the girls today too, and I'm really cranky about that. It seems like I'm missing out on many things these days, since I keep getting ill. Hope to be better soon ..

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